For more than twenty-five years, the mission of The New Jersey Association of Community Providers (NJACP) has been to assist member agencies as they provide quality supports and services for people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities.

NJACP member agencies provide services and supports for individuals with intellectual and other developmental disabilities, including, but not limited to, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, traumatic brain injuries, and communication impairments. Many individuals also have vision and/or hearing impairments, medical, physiological, and physical disabilities. The broad range of services and supports provided by NJACP member agencies offers people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities opportunities to have a choice, enabling people to form community connections, develop relationships, increase their independence, and live fully engaged, meaningful lives in the community. Through their services and supports, agencies belonging to NJACP improve the overall quality of life of the people they serve.

Community Provider Services Include But Are Not Limited To:

  • Residential Group Homes and Supervised Apartments

  • Recreation and Socialization

  • Employment Training, Job Placement and Coaching

  • Family Support

  • Case Management

  • Information Resource and Referral

  • Code of Ethics

NJACP advocates for a high standard of practice and professional competence in the human services field and among community providers. We value the uniqueness and individuality of the persons we serve throughout our membership agencies. NJACP is driven by its mission to protect and promote the rights and quality of life for people who have intellectual and other developmental disabilities.


Opportunities for personal and professional development are available throughout the year. Membership and committee meetings offer information exchanges and networking with human service professionals. A variety of seminars and workshops covering topics relevant and timely to our industry provide educational and training opportunities to staff in all positions of member organizations. For more than 30 years, the NJACP Annual Conference has been New Jersey’s most informative and comprehensive event dedicated to supporting individuals with intellectual and other developmental disabilities to live fully engaged lives in the community. The conference offers educational opportunities and multiple forums for policy makers, professionals, direct support professionals, families, self-advocates and educators to explore best practices in the field. Excellence in service and leadership is recognized through the Outstanding Service Awards providing a forum to celebrate the accomplishments of professionals statewide.