Carolyn Suero

VP of Admissions and Development, Alternatives, Inc.

Carolyn has worked in human services since 1989, and at Alternatives, Inc. since 1999. Before becoming VP of Admissions & Development at Alternatives, Carolyn held the positions of Quality Support Specialist, Director of Services, and Senior Director of Services at Alternatives. Prior to joining Alternatives, Carolyn was a Respite Worker, DSP, Group Home Manager and Assistant Director of Residential Services for other provider agencies and families. In her role at Alternatives, Carolyn is currently responsible for supervising agency admissions, as well as the development functions of the agency, including fundraising, marketing and community relations. Carolyn is the co-chair of the NJACP Support Coordination Constituency Group, and has been involved in the committee since its inception. Carolyn holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Rutgers University.