Elizabeth Drobit-Blair

CEO, Quality Management Associates

Elizabeth Drobit-Blair has served in a variety of leadership roles at Quality Management Associates (QMA) in her 15 years at the agency. Throughout her time at QMA, Elizabeth has developed and implemented short- and long-term plans and goals, spearheaded the expansion of programs, overseen QMA’s staff development, and ensured that QMA adheres to best-practice standards. She cultivates and maintains close working relationships with members, families, legislative leaders, and community organizations. Elizabeth prioritizes advocacy as the most effective tool to expand and guarantee the rights of people with disabilities and wider recognition of the importance and value of Direct Support Professionals.

Elizabeth received her undergraduate degree from Ursinus College and her Juris Doctor from Villanova University. Prior to her years with QMA, Elizabeth worked for the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office. In addition to her responsibilities with QMA, Elizabeth is a member of the American Network of Community Options and Resources (ANCOR), the Burlington County Chamber of Commerce, and the American Bar Association.