NJACP offers small, reasonably priced meeting spaces for groups of 10 to 75.

Amber Room – Large Meeting Space

Conference : 75

Classroom: 40

U-Shape: 24

Square: 30

$275 Full Day / $175 Half Day (4 hours)

Porter Room – Training Room

Classroom: 24

U-Shape: 18

Square: 24

$225 Full Day / $150 Half Day (4 hours)

Brandy Board Room

Seating: 10

$175 Full Day / $125 Half Day (4 hours)

Stout Board Room

Seating: 18

$200 Full Day / $125 Half Day (4 hours)

Prices listed above is for room rental space only. There will also be an additional room sanitization fee. We are conveniently located to many eateries/catering places. If your group needs to offer continental breakfast or lunch, we will be able to offer you a list of local caterers.

*Note: The group sizes listed above are based on normal pre-pandemic room accommodation standards. Please contact NJACP to discuss room sizes that meet social distancing requirements.

Please call for additional information: 609-406-1400.


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