Housing Vouchers

  • It is becoming increasingly difficult to find housing that is commensurate with the current housing voucher limits for individuals with IDD through the Division of Developmental Disabilities Supportive Housing Connection (SHC). The DDD has also recognized this is an issue that requires an increase in the limits of SHC housing vouchers.
  • Unlike Section 8 and other voucher programs, the SHC vouchers do not adjust to inflation annually by increasing the fair market rent value (FMR). SHC vouchers are state funded and based on a Single Room Occupancy (SRO) calculation. The SRO rate is used for state-funded homes, where service providers are responsible for the maintenance.
  • The SRO is 75% of the “0 bedroom” published residential rate (fair market rates) and varies by county. The critical issue is that the SRO’s are based on the most current published residential rate, which is 2023 and was released by HUD in September.
  • According to the National Low Income Housing Coalition’s annual report “Out of Reach,” New Jersey has the 7th highest housing wage required to afford a two-bedroom apartment at $31.32/hour. Ninety-six hours of work is needed at the minimum wage, demonstrating the not only the skyrocketing housing costs but the inability for agencies to provide housing under previous years calculations. NJ Biz reports a 13% increase in rental rates which also significantly impacting providers.