Documentation Training

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This seminar is designed to provide an overview of the general Medicaid requirements for providing and documenting services under the Supports Program Manual in order to help participants understand the critical role they play in providing and documenting Medicaid-approved services. We will discuss how to demonstrate the critical linkage between the Individual Service Plan goals that were developed and assigned to an organization as a service provider, the interventions developed by the organization to achieve the valued outcome and how each service note is written to document the activities that were completed during the time the service was delivered. As a group, we will discuss the specific elements of a good note and an internal quality review system that supports the entire process. This seminar is offered in two four-hour sessions.

Choose one date for each part for this program:
Part I (Choose one of these): Thursday, October 20th, or Friday, October 21st and
Part II (Choose one of these dates): Thursday, November 3rd, or Friday, November 4th

The following Add-On Sessions will be offered
(Note: You must attend the documentation training above to attend either of these sessions)

Support Coordination:
This one-half day session is designed to identify the key Medicaid expectations for providing and documenting Support Coordination Services. We will review the “deliverables” required in the Supports Program Manual and discuss the key elements to include in each of the required documents. In addition, we will discuss the development of the Individual Service Plan (ISP) and important risk management concerns to consider when developing this key document. As part of the applied practice portion of the seminar, we will review de-identified examples of core documents and assess the degree to which each meets the NJ Medicaid requirements. Date: Thursday, December 8th

Practical Application Seminar:
This four-hour seminar is designed to provide practical experience in developing service notes that meet the intent of the Supports Program Manual. We will evaluate each note against Medicaid requirements and then practice editing and improving the note so that it supports the service that was delivered and stands in support of payments that have been submitted. Date: Friday, December 9th