Thank-you to everyone who submitted a video for this event:

State Senate Majority Leader Lou Greenwald (D-6)

State Senate Minority Leader Steve Oroho (R-24)

State Sen. Linda Greenstein (D-14)

State Sen. Holly Schepisi (R-39)

State Sen. Jean Stanfield (R-8)

State Sen. Douglas Steinhardt (R-23)

State Sen. Michael Testa (R-1)

State Sen. Andrew Zwicker (D-16)

Asw. Vicky Flynn (R-13)

Asm. Roy Frieman (D-16)

Asw. Pamela Lampitt (D-6)

Asm. Antwon McClellan (R-1)

Asm. Gerry Scharfenberger (R-13)

Asm. Erik Simonsen (R-1)

Asm. Ned Thompson (D-30)

Asm. Brandon Umba (R-8)


To download the ad show, click here.

To download the event recording, click here.

To download the digital program, click here.

Previous Years


Carolina Lopez receiving her STARS Award surrounded by some of her beautiful and wonderful artwork!

STARS 2023

For more than 22 years NJACP has held a STARS! Award event. STARS! is a special time for members to recognize an individual client from their agency who has overcome obstacles and challenges in their daily life. These individuals who are a part of the IDD community have succeeded in their lives in more ways than one, showing resilience in the face of diversity. What began as an in-person dinner evolved to a virtual event during COVID, and because more people are able to participate, cheer and celebrate each STAR virtually, the event has remained virtual. Over the years we have had many shining STARS!, and will continue to pay tribute to them each spring.

NJACP is fortunate to have so many wonderful supporters cheering on people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Over the years, many VIPS, legislators and state officials have participated in person (prior to 2020) or with a video or proclamation to the event (after 2020).


Elizabeth Sauer- 21 Plus, Inc.

Joel Contreras- Abilities of Northwest Jersey

Latoya Martin- Allies, Inc.

Amanda Weber- Alternatives, Inc.

John Delasandro Avidd- Community Services of NJ

Shane Mullin- Bancroft

Colleen Oese- Broadstep

Bradley McCall- Dept. for Persons with Disabilities, Diocese of Paterson

Michael Gibson- Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health NJ

Adam Leventhal- Disability Allies

Nicholas Alfonso- Easter Seals of NJ

Christine Simon- Eden Autism Services

Gerardo Toledo- Elwyn NJ

Carolina Lopez- Enable, Inc

John Brancato- Everas Community Services

Alicia Cotugno- Family Resource Network

Richard Schickler- JESPY House

Robyn Kenney- Jewish Association for Developmental Disabilities (J-ADD)

Gionna (Gigi) Ferguson- Jewish Services for the Developmentally Disabled (JSDD)

Jasmine Fitzpatrick- Kelsch Associates NHJ

Barry Silverman- Merakey

Matthew Braski- Midland Adult Services

Evan Prowse- National Institute for Persons with Disabilities (NIPD)

Latasha Williams- New Jersey Institute for Disabilities (NJID)

Margaret Holshue- Oaks Integrated Care

Rebecca Jones- Occupational Training Center of Burlington County

Emanuel Thomas- Partnerships for People, Inc.

Kyle Schultz- Quality Management Associates

Lori Denaro- Rescare

Robert Schear- SERV Achievement Centers, Inc.

Adam Morris- The P.I.L.O.T. Services

STARS! Captains

Because our STARS Awards event is virtual, we need help to pull the event off…and a member of each agency with a STAR recipient stepped up. We refer to them as our STARS Captains because they were the “captain” that arranged for the videos to be taken, provided NJACP with all the needed information needed, from photos and success stories to t-shirt sizes. They also coordinate all of the festivities for their STAR’s Award ceremony and watch party! There would not have been a virtual event this year without the help of these captains:

Sarah LaBore, 21 Plus, Inc.

Nichole Pene, Abilities of Northwest Jersey, Inc.

Taneshia Allen, Allies, Inc.

Jacque Archer‐Kennedy, Alternatives, Inc.

Maureen Idleman, Avidd Community Services of NJ

Maureen Bonanni, Bancroft

Theresa Coursen and Gloria DeLeva, Broadstep

Kay Muriuki, Department for Persons with Disabilities, Diocese of Paterson

Shirley Tussey, Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health NJ

Victoria Feinberg, Disability Allies

Heather Webb, Easter Seals of NJ

Brooks Sanders, Eden Autism Services

Shaniqua Massengill, Elwyn NJ

Robyn E. Steinman, Enable, Inc.

Jennifer Rector, Everas Community Services

Vicki Baxter, Family Resource Network/Caregivers of New Jersey

Michelle Rampersant‐Faulk, JESPY House

Autreece Williams, Jewish Association for Developmental Disabilities (J-ADD)

Harry Klein, Jewish Services for the Developmentally Disabled (JSDD)

Rashanda Smith, Kelsch Associates NJ

Sonia Ebanks, Merakey

Ree’Sheema Boone‐Jones, Midland Adult Services

Meghan Jacob, National Institute for Persons with Disabilities (NIPD)

Kellie Hirth, New Jersey Institute for Disabilities (NJID)

Philamer Benjamin, Oaks Integrated Care

Amanda McAleer, Occupational Training Center of Burlington County

Nadine Celestin, Partnerships for People, Inc.

Lakia Roberts, Quality Management Associates

James Markowitz and Love Kenneh, ResCare

Jenifer McBride, SERV Achievement Centers, Inc.

Larry Koleosho, P.I.L.O.T. Services

STARS! T-Shirt Design Contest

When the STARS Awards became virtual, NJACP looked for a way to give all of its members’ staff and individuals in their care an opportunity to have some input into the annual event’s “look” or theme.

And inspiration came at NJACP’s headquarters. If you walk through the building, you see beautiful art hanging on the walls courtesy of our Member Agencies and their talented individuals. We asked our Members to submit graphic designs made by either their staff, individuals or a group effort that represents the STARS Event. The logo/graphics contest began.

The rules have been kept simple. Original art only (no clip art or stock photos). Any entry that used graphics that could be affiliated with another organization (such as Autism puzzle pieces) could not be considered for legal reasons. The artwork submitted must be in good taste, and represent the STARS Award. Artwork must be created by an NJACP member’s staff, individual, or any combination thereof.

All entries are submitted for an anonymous vote by the Member Resources Committee.

The 2023 Logo graphics design winner is: “STAR Emojis” created by Carolina Lopez and submitted by: Enable

The graphic was chosen for its bright design. The Member Resources Committee found it cheerful and made everyone smile! Congratulations Carolina for submitting the winning design! Carolina is also a 2023 STAR recipient.

23rd Annual Community STARS Advertisers

21 Plus, Inc.

Alternatives Inc.

Avidd Community Services of NJ


Broadstep NJ Inc.

Butler Human Services

DCM Associates

Delta T Group

Department for Persons with Disabilities, Diocese of Paterson

Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health NJ

Eden Autism

Elwyn NJ

Enable Inc.

Everas Community Services

eVero Corporation

Family Resource Network (Caregivers of NJ)


Interstate Fleet Services


Jewish Association for Developmental Disabilities (J-ADD)

Jewish Services for the Developmentally Disabled (JSDD

Kelsch Associates of NJ

Matthijssen Business Systems

Meeker Sharkey & Hurley


Midland Adult Services


NJ Institute for Disabilities

Oaks Integrated Care

Occupational Training Center of Burlington County

Quality Management Associates



Rue Insurance

Schenck, Price, Smith & King, LLP


SERV Achievement Centers

Tarrytown Expocare Pharmacy

The P.I.L.O.T. Services


To our sponsors who supported the 2023 Stars event — we appreciate the contributions you made to ensure the success of our awards celebration event:

Diamond Plus Sponsors:

The Digital Platform & Program Sponsor: Elwyn NJ

The Electronic Platform & Chat Sponsor: Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health NJ

The Banner Sponsor: Avidd Community Services of NJ

Diamond Sponsors:

The Floral Arrangement Sponsor: Dept for Persons w/Disabilities, Diocese of Patterson

The T-Shirt Sponsor: Enable Inc.

Platinum Sponsors

The Favor Sponsor: Quality Management Services of NJ

The Decorations Sponsor: eVero Corporation

Gold Sponsor:

The Watch Party Sponsor: JESPY and Serv Achievement Centers

Silver Sponsors:

The Producers and EDITORS’ Sponsors: Bancroft ● Broadstep ● NJ Institute for Disabilities

Bronze Sponsors

The STARS Videos and Captains Sponsors: Eden Autism ● Everas Community Services ● Gallagher ● Jewish Association for Developmental Disabilities ● Oaks Integrated Care ● Family Resource Network