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NJACP-JESPY Model Inclusive Healthy Community Project Poster from the Inclusive Healthy Communities Grant Program In-Person Convening of June 2022.

The IHC Grant Program is an initiative spearheaded by the Human Services Division of Disability Services and is the first of its kind in the state of New Jersey. The program launched in January of 2021 and the first cycle of funding runs through June 30, 2022. This allows grantees nearly 18 months to implement proposed work plans.

The grant program aims to promote change at the local level by addressing pre-existing physical, environmental, social, and economic challenges that prevent people with disabilities from having full access to the conditions that support health and wellness. The overarching goal is to advance the tangible and sustainable transformation of practices, systems, and environmental conditions to ensure the inclusion of people with disabilities in healthy community initiatives.

NJACP has been working with JESPY House and SRS Strategic Associates for the past year on the IHC Grant Project to advance community accessibility in the Township of South Orange, New Jersey.

The NJACP is excited to announce, alongside JESPY House that we have been renewed for the Inclusive Healthy Communities Grant for 2022 – 2023! We thank the New Jersey Department of Human Services for this honor and this support. This year, 12 grant recipients have been awarded this exceptional opportunity, and we are incredibly grateful to be included. NJACP and JESPY House look forward to this next opportunity to improve inclusion opportunities in South Orange. We look forward to sharing more with you in the coming months ahead!
And a special shout out to the Family Resource Network for being a new recipient of the Inclusive Healthy Communities grant of 2022-2023!
To discover more about the NJ Department of Health, Division of Disability Services (DDS) IHC grant program, please visit their webpage, or view this video that was created about the need and goals of the program.
Please see our Executive Summary below to find a more detailed description of our project.

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